Don't Start a Damn Thing For Your New Year's Resolution

I know a lot of people make New Year's resolutions to start doing things, but I encourage you to stop.

Stop reading a book if you don’t like it. Even if you are halfway through.

Stop scrolling through feeds that just make you mad.

Stop arguing with people who are not important in your life. (But, keep lively discussions with people that are. Even if you have differences of opinion)

Stop wasting your time.

Right around the time I turned 40 I decided to stop wasting my time on things that didn’t have value to me, no matter how important it seemed to the outside world.

It’s honestly one of the best decisions I have ever made. When I find myself spending time on something that is not enjoyable I ask myself, “Does this matter?” “Is this important to me or my family”. Looking at things through this lens has allowed me to free up time I didn’t think I had and made me a lot happier.

I don’t bother making random posts on Facebook defending something to someone I don’t even know.

Even if a book is considered a “classic” I drop it if it’s not enjoyable to read. No one cares if I have read A Brave New World.

This may seem like simple advice, but you would be surprised how much energy (which we are all in need of) we waste on things that are unimportant and don’t make us happy.

We often think quitting things is a bad thing. “We must see this through”. “Stick it out”. Yea, those things are great if the endeavor has significant value. But, we often make decisions to start something based on a certain set of information. As that information changes don’t be afraid to change your assessment and STOP. Don’t worry about what other people think. Your time is too valuable to waste. So stop wasting it.

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